Annual Journal Statistics Requirements

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Requirements for Annual Journal Statistics report templates

Status: This feature is being implemented. Trello Card


The requirements of this project are to

  1. Create a system that generates statistics from Dryad.
  2. Generate sets of reports containing statistics (see below) annually for each journal
  3. Store the reports in a repository
  4. Distribute the reports to the journal

Generating Statistics

Statistics to Collect

Current and cumulative stats for each journal

  • Cumulative total number of data packages (from all yrs)
  • Cumulative total number of files (from all yrs)
  • Number of files currently under embargo
  • Cumulative storage size (for published data from all yrs)
  • For integrated journals, all the nontrivial questionnaire options that journal has selected, including their payment plan
  • Number of submissions
  • Number of data packages published
  • Number of waivers issued
  • Number of submissions deposited but not yet published, by month of submission

Yearly stats (also for each journal)

  • Number of data packages 
  • 3 most popular data packages (by max downloads in past year)
  • Number of page views of all data packages (in the past year)
  • Number of downloads of data packages (in the past year)
  • Total number of clicks on article DOIs, if possible
  • The distribution of embargo lengths
  • Number of helpdesk tickets associated with submissions to that journal

For each individual data package published in the past year (again, for each journal)

  • The complete citation
  • The date published
  • The number and total size of files submitted
  • The min and max embargo length of files in the package
  • The number of pageviews since publication
  • Max downloads among all data files since publication

Additional statistics wish list

  • Min, max and median downloads per data package by journal
    • Can be aggregated by the above stats
  • Amount of traffic from the pages to the journal.
    • Unless we can get this out of Google Analytics we don't have this data historically.