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BIRDD (Beagle Investigations Return with Darwinian Data) is a collection of data on Galapagos finches. It is currently published with the BioQuest Library as a Mac (OS9) and Windows executable. We are working to import the BIRDD data into Dryad.

Structure in DSpace

BIRDD data should be its own collection, so it is possible to:

  • maintain separate branding
  • manage links between objects differently
  • provide a BIRD-only search/browse

We will not break it into collections by data type, because no data type has a huge number of files.

BIRDD publications are "normal" publications (they were not distinguished from other articles at the time of publication), so they can go in the regular publications collection.

BIRDD group vision

  • Derived datasets (cleaned, relabeled, subsetted for particular questions) need to be available for educational purposes.
  • Need a place for "supplementary" documents, such as instructions for students, data collection sheets.

Data translation progress

  • For the items that are ready to process, it is fine to apply a CC-A license.

In Dryad

  • Morphology Data, DFMorph -- morphological measurements. best to separate by "collection trip" (4 datasets, plus explanatory info)
    • Basic data sets are in Dryad, in tab-delimited format. Convert to comma-delimited?
    • Need to import the "how to interpret" graphic
    • Notes need to be converted to a readable format, either HTML or PDF. (Sam is working on this)
  • Pictures & Panoramas, GalPics -- images. There are JPG images and panoramic QTVR movies. (27 image files, 14 QTVR)
    • We are waiting to see whether Sam has high resolution files available, though low-res files are available now.

Ready to process

Elena is working on putting these items into Dry-Ed

  • DNA Sequence data DFDNA -- sequences. It is probably best to make this into a single file of GenBank ID's, and allow users to get the data directly from GenBank. We may eventually want to keep local copies for use with educational tools. (1 dataset?)
  • Species Data, DFTaxa -- species information. just a "guide book". while some of this info is drawn from other tables, it is probably best to just translate the whole thing into a PDF. Combine the "all data" files with the trees, etc. (1 data file)
  • Bibliography -- list of many references containing finch information (1 data file)
  • Island data -- information about the islands. Table of zones on each island. Table of species on each island. Table of alternate names. (4-20 data files)
    • NOTE: We do not yet have permission to distribute the maps.
  • Tourist Data, GalTrsts -- tourist visits (1 data file)

Waiting for rights

  • Vocalization Data, DFVocal -- vocalizations. There are audio files as well as notes for each species in the DB. (30-60 data files)
    • We are not certain whether we have permission to distribute these. They are owned by Cornell, but were licensed to BIRDD for certain uses. (Sam will check the licensing language.)
    • Sound files are available in the "Raw_Data" folder as either AIFF sound files or MOV QuickTime movie files.
  • Island data -- Maps.
    • We do not yet have permission to distribute these.
  • Weather -- rainfall information about the islands (2-10 datasets)
    • We do not yet have permission to distribute these.


  • DFMain describes all the files/tables
  • Notes/About -- Each table has a document providing background information on how the data was collected (5 data files)
    • Sam will work on converting these to a more usable format.
    • We need to decide whether these should be web pages that are part of Dry-Ed, or whether they should be stored as objects in the repository with relationships to the other objects.

Additional Data

Sam has some additional data (regarding insects) that he will get together for deposit.

Bumpus dataset

Data from Bumpus's sparrow measurements is available. This consists of:

  • the Bumpus article (even though Dryad doesn't normally have articles, this counts as a supplemental educational item)
  • extracted data (tab-delimited)
  • Frank Price's introduction and instructor notes


  • How to structure the documentation? Make separate web pages? Or keep in Word form?