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Status: Functional requirements complete. Technical requirements being analyzed by @mire.

Goal: Authors may easily allow colleagues to modify publication records or add datasets to a publication.

Note: This page no longer contains information about the Reviewer PIN. For more information about the Reviewer PIN and the "In Review" stage of the submission process, see Submission System Updates.

Coauthor PIN requirements:

  1. A Coauthor PIN is a type of password that allows modification of metadata for a data package and its associated data files. It allows an author to share the work of depositing content with coauthors and students.
  2. A Coauthor PIN is generated for each data package in Dryad, at the time an initial data package is created.
  3. The Coauthor PIN will be the value stored in dc.identifier.manuscriptNumber
  4. Each package's Coauthor PIN is visible to curators, but is not publicly visible.
  5. If a user forgets the Coauthor PIN, they can press a button, and the PIN will be emailed to the corresponding author for the data package. [excellent idea--Tjvision 22:52, 16 July 2010 (EDT)]
  6. Any user who has the Coauthor PIN can edit a package's metadata, add data files to the package, or edit the metadata of existing data files.
  7. Once a user uses a Coauthor PIN, it is associated with their account, and they no longer need the PIN to edit the item. [excellent idea--Tjvision 22:52, 16 July 2010 (EDT)]
  8. The Coauthor PIN is not available outside of DSpace (e.g., OAI-PMH records)

Answered questions:

  1. For submission purposes, do we need to pass around an actual PIN? Or could we just assign permissions to other Dryad accounts, (e.g., the way sharing works in Google Docs)?
    • That would work, but it sounds more complicated to deal with the different cases of whether the coauthor does or does not have an account, figure out how the corresponding author would know what account to invite, etc.--Tjvision 22:52, 16 July 2010 (EDT)