Cost Recovery System Wireframes

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Final round of wireframes for the Cost Recovery System


More notes:

  1. The status indicators at the top are not clickable. They only indicate the user's position within the process.
  2. Journal title must be entered, regardless of the selection on the radio button. This differs from the current system behavior, which does not require a journal name for "published" status. If a user selects "published", the journal name is either looked up using the DOI/PMID, or it must be entered manually.

Waiver Applied


More notes:

  1. Yes, there should be a "remove" option for the fee waiver.
  2. When a fee waiver has been selected, the user should see which country has been selected.

Journal Subscription Plan


More notes:

  1. The text "They have paid for subscriptions...." will depend on the journal's subscription status. This status should be available via a query to Association Anywhere.

Example of an Extra Charge


Single Use Voucher - Success & Failure


More notes:

  1. The voucher code should be re-validated when a submission is resumed, or when the Checkout screen is entered. There is a small chance that the user will enter a valid voucher code, but the code will become invalid before the transaction is complete.

Checkout & Submit - Example of an Error


1. Should we provide an input box for e-mail? The input box can be auto-filled with the e-mail the author used for creating an account.


Checkout & Submit - No Cost to Author