Executive Committee Meeting April 2010

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The Executive Committee of the Dryad Consortium Board met at NESCent in Durham, NC, USA from April 7-8, 2010.

Participants: Marcel Holyoak, William Michener, Allen Moore, Mohamed Noor, Mike Whitlock (chair), Todd Vision (ex officio), Elena Feinstein (scribe)


  1. Review of recommended strategic objectives and performance indicators from Charles Beagrie, Ltd. [1]
  2. Review of budget projections from Eakin-Richards [2]
  3. Review of supplementary cost results from survey of publishers and repositories [3]
  4. Drafting of proposal for sustainability to the full board [4]
  5. Drafting of prospectus [5]
  6. Review of repository improvements and development priorities (w/ Ryan Scherle)

Documents and Outcomes

[1] Draft Recommendations for Dryad's Sustainability Planning. submitted by Charles Beagrie, Ltd, April 2010. (PDF)

[2] Dryad Cost Model Report, submitted by Lorraine Eakins-Richards, February 2010 (PDF). Note: The dynamic spreadsheet referenced in the report is available upon request.

[3] Not for public dissemination.

[4] See Beagrie N, Eakin-Richards L and Vision T (2010) Business Models and Cost Estimation: Dryad Repository Case Study, presented at iPRES, September 2010 in Vienna. PDF

[5] See April 2010 Prospectus