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Dryad harvests the contents of partner repositories in order to provide a one stop entry point to cross-searching relevant materials. Current partner repositories harvested by Dryad include TreeBASE and KNB. Materials harvested into Dryad are also searched when a search of the Dryad collection is performed. Results from the partner repositories are displayed in search tabs along with the Dryad search results.


The integration of partner repository materials is visible when a search of Dryad is performed. The search results page will return a list of Dryad results and, in separate tabs, results from the same search performed against the harvested partner repository resources. Before clicking the partner repository tab, a searcher will be able to see how many results are available from the hit count displayed on the search results tab.


Technical Documentation

More detail on the OAI-PMH harvesting of KNB/TreeBASE content can be found on the Harvesting Technology page.

Technical details on the way Dryad handles the display of the partner repository content in the search results can be found on the Tabbed Searching Technology page.

Design History

Mockups from the design phase of the Tabbed Searching implementation are available. The design of Dryad's harvesting capabilities builds on those of DSpace's.