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Functional Requirements:

  1. Each member journal should have a single page that summarizes that journal's content in Dryad.
  2. The public should be able to see the journal's most recent submissions and overall statistics regarding the journal's content in Dryad.
  3. The public should be able to perform a search that is limited to content from the journal.
  4. Journal editors should be able to see more detailed statistics.
  5. Journal editors should be able to view content that is currently in the "in review" queue or the "accepted" queue for this journal.


Wireframe, 2/2014


Earlier wireframe



  • Can we also use a journal's logo rather than a cover image, for those journals that are online only, eg. PLoS ONE and BMJ Open? --Peggy Schaeffer 12:16, 6 September 2011 (EDT)
  • Re: 'download all metadata from this journal' - Is this the right place to expose that functionality? -tjv

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