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Eventually, we will build an Institutional Repository for NESCent. Content in the IR may include:

  • Publications
  • Data sets (which haven't been published in Dryad)
  • Working papers
  • Reports from working groups
  • Conference presentations and posters
  • Software (which hasn't been published in Dryad)

Some of the documents stored in the IR will be suitable for inclusion in the Dryad repository. When this occurs, they will be moved into Dryad, and the entry in the NESCent IR will reference them there, rather than maintaining a redundant copy.

Initial Content

The initial content for the Nescent IR will include:

  • All documents from WG:Documents (subject to re-confirming the authors' approval), and once this is complete, the WG:Documents page will either be made public or simply removed in favor of links to the IR.
  • Tutorial slides and handouts from the Phyloinformatics Hackathon.
  • Jane's DigCCurr presentation slides
  • All publications referenced on the Nescent news page. When possible, these will be stored locally. Otherwise, metadata only will be stored.
  • Reports from the Information Integration workshop and the Ecological Society Data Sharing Workshops (near the bottom of the Conferences page).
  • Working group reports?
  • Any other materials submitted by staff and scholars at Nescent.

Dryad material:

Open questions

  1. When documents are suitable for Dryad, is it better to maintain redundant copies, or just reference the authoritative location? There may be technical hurdles with references.
  2. Will the IR allow non-published documents, like conference submissions that were rejected?