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Dryad users can receive notifications of new content in the repository through DSpace mechanisms, by RSS, or via Twitter.


When a user is logged in to their account on the Dryad repository, they can update their profile to add subscriptions to new items. Choosing the Profile link in the left sidebar menu, displays the user profile, which includes a section labeled Subscriptions. There the user can subscribe to collections to receive daily e-mail alerts of new items added.


To receive updates of all new data packages in Dryad by RSS, on the Dryad homepage, click the RSS symbol to the right of the heading Recently Published Data.

Dryad offers several feeds:

Twitter Feed

All newly archived items in Dryad are posted to the Twitter feed @datadryadnew. This feed receives notifications via the service Unfortunately, no one remembers the name of our account at twitterfeed, so it's currently black magic. If it fails, though, we have an alternate account ready to go at twitterfeed, with the username and the same password as the twitter account.

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