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Status: This page is outdated and of historical use only.

This page describes work done by the DryadUK project from 2010 to 2011.

Integration of data with article submission is a critical step in the Dryad process. While the current approach of passing metadata by automated e-mail works well, it requires further engineering to develop templates that will enable participation by a larger number of journals employing manuscript processing systems other than Manuscript Central, and for sending data citation metadata back to journals.

A related need is to accommodate 'handshaking' mechanisms to automate data submission and metadata exchange with repositories for special datatypes (e.g. those hosted at EBI), as journals are incorporated that deal with a broader diversity of data types. The data packaging will build upon the work already being undertaken at NESCent for handshaking with TreeBASE and Genbank using SWORD, Bag-It, and ORE.

In collaboration with the Oxford University Research Archive, we will also prototype harvesting mechanisms through which institutional repositories can be notified of new submissions to Dryad from faculty affiliated with that institution, similar to the service currently offered by BioMedCentral using OAI-PMH. This work will fit well with the proposed UK Research Data Service Pathfinder registry activity at OU. We will also investigate a similar mechanism by which funding agencies can be notified of submissions to Dryad from papers that acknowledge support from that agency, building upon the existing UKPMC Grants Database.


  1. Templates for integration of new journals/manuscript submission platforms.
  2. Mechanisms for data deposition to specialist repositories.
  3. Metadata exchange with institutional repositories and funding agencies.