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This page lists Dryad repository personnel. For membership and governance of the Dryad organization, see Governance, and for information about Dryad funding, see Grants.

Senior personnel


  • Mercedes Gosby, user experience designer (NESCent)
  • Dan Leehr, programmer (NESCent)

Curation and outreach

Other contributors



  • Amol Bapat
  • Amy Bouck
  • Sarah Carrier
  • Kevin S. Clarke
  • Jed Dube
  • Tanya Gray
  • Brian Hole
  • Rosie Kilgore
  • Peter Midford, programmer
  • Ruth Monnig
  • José R. Pérez-Agüera
  • Silvio Peroni
  • Abbey Thompson
  • David M Shotton
  • Akio Sone
  • Hollie White
  • Max Wilkinson